Using Data Intelligence
to Provide Smart and
Clean Energy Solutions.

Our goal is simple - provide effective, intelligent solutions to Africa's growing energy demands. Todays' thinking will not answer tomorrows questions.
You and I NeedEnergy – Together we can make that a reality.

NeedEnergy is the future
of intelligent Energy.

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Distributed Power Generation and Energy Resources

The capability of using small-scale technologies to produce electricity close to the end users of power.

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Renewable and Clean Energy Technology

Using renewable energy technology to produce electricity in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

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Distributed Energy Resource Management System

Our platform helps distribution system operators (DSO) manage their grids that are mainly based on distributed energy resources (DER). In the process coming up with smart energy built environments

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Virtual Power Plants and Virtual Grids

We are building virtual networks for both power generation and gas networks.

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Power and Energy trading Platform

Our services will eventually allow for trading among these virtual networks.

How it works


Generate Clean Reliable Power on Site Independently

Be able to generate your own power and use it on site from the sunlight through solar panels. This gives you independence from the grid which currently can not guarantee you consistent power.

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Monitor Your Energy and Power Consumption.

Access Our Energy Management System through our online Memeza platform to monitor your energy and power consumption.


Make your built Environment Energy Intelligent

With the use of our energy management system your built environment becomes energy intelligent. It uses big data analytics to improve and optimize your energy and power consumption.